4th (First) Birthday

Lucas just had a birthday!!  We just celebrated his 4th (not really 4-please see previous post, lol) which was also his FIRST birthday that had ever been celebrated!!  Hence, Happy 4th FIRST Birthday!!  🙂

We had a “Cookie Monster” theme birthday party!  It was so fun!  It was also a special theme for him.  The first day we ever met Lucas, a little stuffed Cookie Monster was the first thing that we had ever given to him and the first thing that was “his”.

This was Cookie in Uganda, Lucas carried Cookie everywhere, and always and still sleeps with him.

See, Cookie is important in our household.  Lucas loves Cookie Monster!  They have one major thing in common ya know:  they love to EAT!!!!!!    🙂

We have a tradition with the kids, every FIRST birthday (and others, but particularly the first): Momma makes the cake!  This cookie monster cake was a task, but one I was proud of in the end, tasted delicious, and better yet, that Lucas LOVED!

Balloon Birthday wreath on the Door

Cookies Galore!

Blueberry Cookie Monster face, Homemade chocolate chip cookies, and wrapped cookie silverware in the background

and what's a cookie party without milk?!

We had a "Guess How Many?" Cookie jar game...(for kids and adults) Prizes for the winners!

"Cookies & Milk" toss game for the kiddos

"Hot Cookie" like Hot Potato, made a "giant cookie" out of brown and black felt

"What's this song?!...They're singing to ME?!"

Mommy Kisses

Friends watching Lucas open presents

Goodie Bags

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  1. Angelee says:

    Miss you tons Lucas!!! You look so happy! Think about you all the time. Hope life is treating everyone well!!! Hugs hugs hugs. Miss Angelee

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