Travel day 13 (Dec.8th)

I wake up realizing that I didn’t get a phone call last night, or yet this morning.  Hmm…trying not to worry about it.  He will call any minute.  Eventually the afternoon rolls around and no phone call…oh man I’m bummed.  This isn’t looking good.

Isaac calls, he tells us that he forgot to give us a piece of our paperwork that the Embassy will need.  So we call Steven and we drive to Isaac’s office and pick up the paper, then drive it to the Embassy hoping for good news once we got there.

Well, it didn’t turn out to be good news.  The investigator, one of the final signatures for Luca’s Visa, is out of the office on emergency leave.  The investigator’s dad passed away, and he left yesterday evening when he found out, which is why we never got the phone call last night or this morning.  So the Embassy is waiting for a replacement investigator to sign off on the Visa, and Freda at the Embassy wasn’t sure when that would be.  Nice.  She said everything is done, she just needs the investigators signature in order to issue the Visa.  AHH!!!!  I know it was an unfortunate circumstance, and of all people, I know how losing a parent suddenly feels, and this really stinks.  So she said to wait for a phone call.  So….we wait.

In the meantime, because Lucas was still sick, the cough getting worse, we took him to the health clinic in Kampala called “The Surgery”, which is where you want to go to see a doctor in Kampala.  We got right in and saw the doctor.

The doctor was really nice and super with Lucas.  He said that Lucas’ throat was swollen, but his chest sounded fine.  He also said that Lucas has ringworm on his head, a common occurrence in kids in the orphanage.  He gave us some medicine for those issues and we were sent on our way!  All for a total cost of 66,000 shillings, equal to about $25 or so.  Here is “The Surgery”:

The “ambulances”

This is the “x-ray” room, which is outside

The highlight of the day were these adorable pictures my cousin and I took of Lucas as we are waiting outside to see the doctor!  🙂

Besides these amazingly adorable pictures of Lucas, and getting in to see a doctor, it was a pretty disappointing day as far as having hope we would have his visa soon.  We just relaxed at the guesthouse, not knowing when we would be leaving Uganda, if ever!! haha.  The days just drag on when you are there and not knowing when you will get the Visa.  We were prepared to be there for weeks.  Mostly we got our hopes up that we would be leaving this week because things went so so fast from the time we left court to this point.  We just didn’t think we would be in Uganda another weekend.  We weren’t disappointed, but just thrown for a loop since we mentally shifted gears toward leaving by the end of the week since things had been moving along so well.  We thought we would still go back the next day to try and see if his visa happened to be ready.  🙂

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  1. Ashlee says:

    Oh, this brings back so many memories! We have spent a LOT of time at The Surgery (and, after being home for three months, we’re STILL battling the ringworm)!

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