Travel day 7 (Dec.2nd)

Last morning waking up to my honey for who knows how long…This is going to be a sad day.  The only daddy Lucas has ever known is going to leave today and he will not understand why or what’s happening.  We are nervous about how he will handle it.  We decided to let me do most of the holding, feeding, etc. today to transition him a bit.  We had shared most of the feeding, carrying, changing diapers, dressing, and bathing equally, me a little more than Roger because we knew that this day was coming when Roger would have to leave.  Especially today we made sure to leave it all to me so he might have an easier time saying goodbye to daddy.

We had a lot to accomplish today before Roger left.  We went early to the IOM Medical to see if we could be seen today.  It’s Friday, and they were packed.  Great.  We will probably have to wait till Monday, our originally scheduled appointment.  We knew that would push us back until Wednesday then for them to read the TB test, it takes 2 days for them to read it.  So darn, then we knew we couldn’t get our interview for the visa at the Embassy until after that even.  We thought we’d try anyway, even if we wait for hours, if we can get it done today it would be awesome.  So we go up to the desk, turn in our blue form-the IOM medical form we got from the Embassy, and his passport picture.

Thankfully, showing our faces the day before helped because the lady at the desk remembered us and told us to go right in!  Wow!  Alright!  I can’t even believe this, we just walk right in with a waiting room full of people.  I feel bad now.  But this is what I mean, you show your face, and keep showing your face, and things happen!  They told us to go in the exam room, and wait for the doctor.  Wow, this is the exam room.  Ok.

Alright, wow.  The “nurse” came in, asked us briefly what we knew about Lucas’ medical history, which was nothing, other than we had him tested for HIV and he was negative.  She told us they would do a physical exam, and put the TB skin test in and we would come back Monday to have it read, and that’s all they needed.  Then we went to a different room, that looked a tad bit better than the previous room we were in and the doctor came in, and was very sweet with Lucas.  Lucas had not been to a doctor before, and he was nervous.  The doctor gave him a bird statue like “toy” to distract him, which seemed easily breakable, and I was nervous.  Lucas liked it, and played with it like a 2-3 year old would, and the doctor said to be careful.  Lucas doesn’t even understand…oh gosh.  This might not go well.  I tried distracting him, and making him feel comfortable, he was doing good so far.  He didn’t like the ear check.  After he was done, bird toy intact, the doctor said that he seemed fine, needed some medical care, but nothing preventing him from leaving the country.  This is good!

So next was the TB test, I was nervous to have them hurt my boy.  I didn’t want him to associate me with pain, so since daddy was leaving I would have him hold him.  Ha.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  Lucas wouldn’t let me leave.  So I’d have to stay and watch them stick my boy.  🙁  Roger held him and I tried comforting and distracting him.  As they pushed the needle in his skin to place the TB test, he was in shock and as they were taking out the needle he let out a big cry!  I scooped him up and comforted him, he quickly stopped crying and handled it much better than I thought!  Phew, glad that is over!  We were so happy we got the IOM medical DONE, especially before Roger left, so he could be there.  The only thing he would really miss now is the Visa interview, which he didn’t have to be there for anyway, but essentially Roger was there for almost everything.  Today was a good day if any to leave and go back home, to work.

We went back to Adonai guesthouse to finish packing Roger.  Lucas noticed the suitcases, and we were packing.  He knew something was happening.  He clung to us (especially Daddy) more than ever.  Oh gosh, this is going to be harder than I thought.  I’m sad, and I knew that our little boy who already loves his daddy would be heartbroken and not know what happened to his daddy.  Oh this is bad.  I just asked God for help and guidance in how to handle this.  Thankfully, an hour later, Lucas fell asleep for a nap.  Then 30 min. later, the driver came to pick Roger up to take him to the airport.  Roger kissed our sleeping boy goodbye, and gave us both letters he had written us.  Roger was sad to leave us.  He was really worried and scared about leaving us, he was thankful Wendy was there to stay with us, that provided us so much comfort in knowing she was there, and we weren’t alone, but he was definitely worried about leaving all of us alone in a third world country and have to finish this process without him.  I walked him out to the car, and we said our goodbyes.  I was so sad.  I told him we would be ok, and I loved him, he did the same.  Roger was sad to leave me, especially Lucas, he was worried that he might lose the bond he built with him.  I told Roger he wouldn’t, and that I would show him his picture every day, and help keep that bond up as best I can, and that he wouldn’t forget his daddy.  We waved goodbye as his car pulled away.  Oh all of my heart is with that man, I’m so sad.  I can do this.  I can do this.  I walk back in and read his letter.  Of course, it made me cry.  I’m so lucky to be married to this man, to be on this journey of life with him.  We have created a beautiful family, and I have to be strong and finish this process!  I can do this!!  Wendy is there for me, and hugs me.  She tells me we can do this and we’ll be alright!  We’re strong women!  We’ll handle everything just fine.  🙂  She always knows what to say to help you feel better!  Oh I’m so thankful for her.

I go in the room and see our sweet boy still sleeping.  I pray over him, and quietly read the letter daddy left for him.

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