Travel day 17 (Dec.12th)

It’s Monday!!  To my complete surprise, the phone call I’ve been waiting for has come!!!! Freda from the Embassy called me and told me that Lucas’ visa is ready and we can come pick it up tomorrow at 4pm! Well we will be there at 3pm! 🙂 oh I am so so excited!!! I can’t even believe it!! Our flight leaves tomorrow at midnight (typical for flights going to America to leave around then). Tomorrow night we will be on a plane headed HOME!!! HOME!!!!  SO SO EXCITED!!!

Now that this is actually happening, much faster than we had thought it would, it’s a bit bittersweet.  I’m taking Lucas away from the only home and country he has ever known, the food, the smells, the people, everything will be forever totally different for him after tomorrow night. But of course on the other hand I am thrilled to be going home!!!!!! Oh we can be together as a family!  Aiden can finally meet his little brother!  We can show Lucas his home!  His forever family!  I can’t even tell you how excited I am!!!  I’ll update you tomorrow with a visa in MY HAND!!!!

On a different note, for those of you interested, or possibly traveling to Uganda, and want to know what a VERY nice guesthouse in Uganda looks like (relatively speaking of course), or where you should stay, I wanted to give you a look at Adonai Guesthouse 3 where we stayed the whole time we were in Kampala.  It’s a very nice guesthouse, and has 7 rooms, and each rooms has their own bathroom with running water.  They also have wifi, so my ipad worked there!!  The only bad thing is (and you’ll run into this anywhere you stay) is the power comes and goes there.  The main thing I loved most about this guesthouse was the staff, and food.  Olivia runs the guesthouse and she is just so sweet, such a kind lady, and has an amazing group of ladies who work there.  We were actually very sad to say bye to them, they became our friends.  They are all just so nice, they work so hard, cook such good food, and boy do they keep this place clean!   They also loved Lucas and would try everyday to make him smile.  🙂  I also can’t forget to mention the hardest working man I’ve ever seen, Julius, he works at Adonai 3 as the grounds keeper, security guard, landscaper, etc.  You name it, he probably does it!  He was just amazingly kind with Lucas and you could tell he has grandchildren.  He is a very sweet, hard working, kind man.  I can’t say enough great things about this guesthouse.

Here are some pictures:

The driveway to the front

The gates on one entrance, the entire thing is on a compound with a gate all the around the building, we felt very safe (our things included) the entire time we stayed there.

The main entrance

The little yard on the side of the house

The main floor area (stairs go up to 4 of the guest rooms)

The common (living room) area

Another view of the common area

Dining room area

Our room (a bit small, but just fine for the two of us)

The view from my window

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