Travel day 16 (Dec.11th)

We went to church this morning in Kampala City, and heard children sing Christmas songs and put on a little Christmas show, it was so  cute!  Then we came back to our guesthouse and relaxed, Lucas took a nap, and I got to read some and have a little free time, the only time of the day I get to!  He is attached to me like glue, which is good, that means we are bonding!  So nap time is heavenly! 🙂

He is still learning who I am though because he will go to just about anyone right now.  Maybe its because he is comfortable with me, I don’t know.  I think mostly he just isn’t quite sure who I am yet.  For example, today, Lucas went to Steven’s wife no problem and he let her carry him, I normally don’t let anyone carry him at all but me, but she was a little insistent, and later to find out we were the first American’s she had ever met, and she was more than likely trying to be helpful and nice.  I didn’t want to be rude.  I think she thought she was doing me a favor since he is a big boy to carry.  Good thing it was only for a few min. because I wasn’t really comfortable having anyone else hold him but he had no problem going to her.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Just when I feel like we are getting a secure bond he proves me wrong and makes me wonder.  We’ll just keep trying and keep bonding.  I think once he’s home and he figures out who his family is and his core nucleus then he will be ok and our bond will solidify and become deeper.

One of the best things about today was getting to meet Steven’s family!  🙂

While we were in Uganda, we kept seeing the ladies at the guesthouse eating something crunchy, it looked cooked, and greasy.  When we asked them what they were eating they replied non-nonchalantly…”oh, grasshoppers”.  WHAT?!?  Grasshoppers?!  Like the grasshoppers outside?!  They laughed at us.  lol.  They said that it’s Grasshopper season, and they are so good!  It’s a popular Ugandan snack!  Wha?!  Oh my goodness…I’m gonna have to try these aren’t I?!  Wendy and I got brave and decided that we should just suck it up and try one!  We’re in Uganda after all, where else are we going to try a “grasshopper”!  :/  Poor grasshoppers!  These things aren’t the normal itty bitty grasshoppers we have in America, cause here in Uganda these suckers are HUGE!  The ladies fry them in oil, garlic, and seasonings, and take their legs off, all that you eat are the bodies of them.  Then they’re ready to eat.  Oh my gosh…am I really gonna do this!?  Yes, I did.  It wasn’t…too bad actually.   It was crunchy, and nutty tasting.  I just couldn’t get over the little black beady eyeballs…eww.  Lucas on the other hand, ate them by the handfuls!  :/  lol.

I am praying and hoping we get a phone call tomorrow morning saying “Your Visa is READY!”  oh my goodness, that would be amazing!  Probably not gonna happen, but I can hope!
So today has been a good day, it was a nice weekend.  Relaxing with some fun added in.  Now I get ready to get back to hounding and living at the Embassy until we get his Visa!  🙂

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