Travel day 15 (Dec.10th)

Well, another weekend spent in Uganda, we will use it wisely!  Looking back, I’m so grateful for this weekend in Uganda!  We had a lot of fun!

We soaked up the 100 degree Ugandan sun with a trip to the Ugandan Zoo in Entebbe!

Phew it was hot!  But it was a neat little zoo!  American Zoo’s have safety standards that the African Zoo here doesn’t have, so that was definitely interesting.  We were very close to the animals!  Sometimes only a ditch between us!  We were close enough to touch the Monkeys and feed them pistachios!  haha!  I got to touch one of the monkeys fingers and monkeys fur!  It was awesome!  Wendy, Steven, Lucas and I had fun with those silly monkeys!  I think the monkey’s were Steven’s favorite!

We also got to watch many of the animals at feeding time since we were there about the right time.  That was even more interesting than the zoo safety standards!  The workers would pull the dead carcass of whatever it was (fish, dead chicken, etc) out of the bucket (with no gloves, fyi), open up the door to where the lions, cheetahs, snakes, etc. are and just go right in their cages/area and stand there and throw the food around!  Wowza, I am glad I don’t have that job.

We also saw camels, just running around free in the zoo.  That was kinda weird, but cool!  They were down by the water in the sand, just hanging out.  We got probably 5 feet away from them and I was too scared to go any closer, they were a little intimidating.  When we got close to one of them he raised his leg and stared us down, opening his mouth looking at me straight in my eyes….ok, time to go!  haha.  It was really cool to see them that close though!

This is a Crested Crane, Uganda’s national bird.   They were all over the zoo, and beautiful!

It was a good way to spend a Saturday, at the Ugandan zoo!   After the zoo, we went to a little pizzaria on Lake Victoria, the same one we went to before where Lucas splashed and played in the water for the first time.  There was a nice breeze and we sat outside in the sand, watching the water, with palm trees and a nice cool breeze blowing through after a hot day at the zoo.  Good food, good conversations, and one sleepy boy…score!

Almost felt like we were on vacation on a tropical island somewhere…(I said almost)

My beautiful cousin Wendy

Our driver and sweet friend Steven!

My handsome and sleepy sweetie

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