Travel day 14 (Dec.9th)

The most horrible, no good, awful bad day.

We had “heard” through the grapevine that other adoptive couples waiting for their Visa like we were got a phone call to come in today to pick theirs up!  So we DEFINITELY were going to the Embassy to pop our little heads in and see if anything happened to be ready for us.  We checked in, and he called Freda to let her know we were there, she never came out.  We sat there with all the other couples about to get their visa, waiting on Freda, and that she didn’t come out to tell us it wasn’t ready was a good sign for us!  Maybe she’s getting everything ready for Lucas too!!  We are hopeful!!

Freda came out and handed the 3 other families waiting their Visa’s BUT us.  I almost lost it, about to cry crocodile size tears.  What the heck!?  I am one super frustrated momma!  Where is Lucas’ visa!?  If the investigator or someone who can sign off on the visa’s is back, and signed theirs, then why isn’t ours ready?  Freda had told me there wasn’t much to investigate, and that it’s done anyhow, just waiting on a signature.  I don’t understand!

She called me into the little cubicle room where you speak through a window to talk to me, what was she afraid I would lose it on her?!  I knew what she would say, just not the reason…It isn’t ready yet, just wait for a phone call…What she did say was that they have a new investigator and he is reviewing all the cases, even if they were reviewed before by the other person, and he still had to review ours, and sign it before she can issue it.  I cried.  Right there.  In that little cubicle.  In front of Freda.  What she suspected, happened.  I was crying.  lol.  I was hot, sweaty, tired, homesick, missing Roger and Aiden, sick, dealing with a sick boy and I didn’t want my cousin who is here with me to miss her daughters college graduation (which was the following weekend) and I was stresssssssed, about out of money, waited 3 hours for NOTHING and did I mention I’m tired?  I know I am being a big whiny baby, but it was just so hard seeing all those other families handed their visa’s and us…nada.  We walked out of the Embassy, and through my tears I’m explaining my frustration with Wendy as we walk out to where the car usually is parked with Steven.

We look…and the car is no where in sight.  We look ahead a ways and see Steven pulling away…what?!!  Does he know we aren’t in the car?!  Thankfully he sees us and turns around.  We walk towards the car, and there are people in it.  Um…  Steven says that he will be right back but these people (who he has driven before) needed a ride, 10 min and he will be back he says.  Ok, fine, we’ll just wait.  After our horrible, awful, no good day at the Embassy, we were so tired and just wanted to go back to the guesthouse.  About 40 min. later, Steven comes back, and we sit in silence the way home…we are so so tired and frustrated.  Steven apologized, and made it up to us by charging us a more than fair rate for the day, and we told him we would see him tomorrow.

Oh we just wanted this day to be over.  We finally just accepted the fact that we would not be going home anytime this weekend or probably not next week either the way things have been going at the Embassy.  We accept it.  I’m fine with it now.  It will be ok.  This is in God’s hands and obviously I have more to enjoy and more to learn about Uganda since we’re still here for a reason.  We will do just that, we will enjoy more time in Uganda!

This is a typical “stove” in Uganda

Need some fresh fruit or veggies?  Some of the best in the world, literally.  So so yummy!  Avocados the size of Lucas head!  No joke!

This is the outside of some restaurant we didn’t eat at, lol

THIS is a termite nest!

Did I mention that there are no, absolutely no washers and dryers in Uganda.  All laundry is done by hand, even in hotels.

He is taking the plantains into town to sell

This man is taking these couch frames he made from wood into town to sell to a furniture store where they will upholster them.

This is how the typical Ugandan gets around if they don’t have a car, and most of them don’t have a car.  This is a cattle car, which has become a taxi.  These men in this picture are riding for 4-5 hours out of Kampala to various villages.

This is a typical Boda Boda.  It’s not uncommon to see 3 people on one of these, or it stacked as full as it can possibly be of various goods.

This is a typical little grocery store

These women are wearing the typical clothing that the Ugandan women wear.

Yeah, that’s a man up there on top of the wooden sticks, which is their scaffolding.

Yep, this is a legitimate ladder they use

This is how they eat their rice in Uganda, with “gravy” that tastes like vegetable soup!  It’s really good!!

African Tea (hot tea with warm milk)

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