Travel day 11 (Dec. 6th)

Waking up, hoping to get a phone call from Isaac any minute that he has our ruling & order from the judge in his hands!!

After a while, I call Isaac.  Oh man.  Isaac tells me that the judge didn’t sign it yesterday as planned, but that he will sign it today.  That means by Wednesday we’ll have the ruling & order from Isaac, well I sure hope he gets Lucas’ passport on Wednesday too!  See, the ruling & order, and passport are important to get as quickly as possible, because you take those things to the Embassy and that is when they “officially” begin the investigation and research the background of your child to be sure they are officially an orphan, and then they schedule you the visa interview, and THEN give you a Visa so you can leave the country.  So every day that goes by and we don’t get the ruling & order from the judge is another day delayed in getting the Visa…so we’re anxious to get it as soon as possible.  Every step of this takes time, and every step could take weeks to accomplish.  There are some people who have waited literally 6 weeks JUST for the passport!  So I was nervous.  Hoping to get the ruling & order and passport by tomorrow then, since we can’t get it today.  Well darn.

So, with nothing to do…guess where we go!?  Garden City mall!  We saw that playground yesterday and thought I’d give it a try and show Lucas what a playground is all about!

He had never seen anything like this before.  He stood, clenched to my leg, looking at me like “what the heck is this?!  what am I supposed to do here!?”  So up I go, crawling, sliding, showing him what he’s supposed to do!  I pick him up and show him the ropes, carrying him since he wouldn’t let me go.  Oh boy.  Well, he isn’t liking this too much.  Well, let’s try the slide!

Oh, ok, don’t like that either.  Well, lets keep trying.  He isn’t crying, but isn’t liking it too much either.  So, let me make this look as fun as possible.  Too bad there aren’t any kids here.  Oh, look at this (picture below), this is low-key, spinning fun!  Oh he liked this!!  This broke him in a little bit and helped him realize that playgrounds are fun!

Later on, some kids showed up and started playing, he watched and observed them, and loosened up a bit more, and started to play just a little, it was a start.

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