This is a page for families wanting to adopt, a compilation of resources, information, websites, etc. that I have found helpful for our family in our journey of adoption. I hope it helps!!

Adoption is a calling, it is something you have to be 100% absolutely sure on or else you’ll give up. Adoption is hard, it takes a lot of time, effort, money, emotions, research, paperwork, patience and that’s all before you even get a child! People think adoption is free, or easy. Actually adoption is quite the opposite of free or easy. Depending on the adoption, it can cost anything from $16,000-45,000.
This isn’t meant to discourage you if you’re interested in adopting, but to be realistic. The good news is that adoption is very affordable for any family! That’s where doing your research comes into importance! Because, here is the good news, this is where it begins to look more affordable:
1. There are grants you can apply for that will give $2-$4,000 towards your adoption after an approved home study.
2. The gov’t now gives a little over $10,000 refund for finalized adoptions!!! HUGE!!!!
3. If you’re active duty military they give you $2-$4,000 for a finalized adoption (no applying-you fill the form out, the money is yours!)
Now it begins to look a little more affordable! Still, the costs are huge, and there is no guarantee on the grants, you just have to apply and pray you get one.  But as we believe, God has led us into adoption, just as He may have with you, and although we’re not completely sure how we’ll come up with the finances needed to adopt, we know that He will provide for us, and it will happen.  We just keep pressing on, keep praying, keep having faith, and most importantly keeping the Hope that our adoption will happen!

There is an awesome website, who a very sweet and passionate lady has been working on for over 9 years and has adopted 3 children, put together this EXTREMELY helpful website full of resources for adopting families or those interested in adoption, basically a more in depth look at what I’m trying to do in this one page.  Check it out:

Here is a list of books we have read that helped us in gaining knowledge before we started and while we were going through the adoption process:

1. Successful Adoption “A guide for Christian Families” by Natalie Nichols Gillespie

2. The Complete Adoption Book “Everything you need to know to adopt a child” by Laura Beauvais-Godwin & Raymond Godwin, ESQ. 3rd Edition

Here is a list of websites that you can apply for grants once you have a completed & approved Home Study.

For Military Families:

Adoption Tax Credit Info:

Fund-raising ideas: (in no particular order)
1. Selling $0.18 Personalized Wristbands for $2.00 each, people who buy one are supporting adoption and get a fun wristband! Sell 500 of these at $2 each and you make $1,000!

2. Have a garage sale, or a bake sale, or a food fundraiser of some kind (look at our blog for info about our fundraisers we’ve done)

3. Set up a booth or table in various location asking for donations (with approval)

4. Ask friends and family to set up “coin jars” in their homes and collect extra change in it to give to you when its full

5. Set up a collection jar at various stores/restaurants (with approval)

6. Send our “support letters” to your friends and family asking for financial support for your adoption

7. Ask your church and/or employer to help donate to your adoption fund. Maybe set up a meeting or program inviting people to come and listen to your story and plans for adoption.

8. Work overtime; Get a part time job to raise money, become an independent sales consultant (like Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, etc.)

9. Babysit your friends kids for money, they get to go out for a night on the town and donate to a good cause!

10. Are you crafty? Make something fun to sell! (Example: No-sew blankets are easy, and people love a cozy home-made blanket!)

11.  Selling chocolate Hershey’s Bars with your own personalized label!

12.  Here are a few fund-raising websites I found:

13.  This is a unique fund-raising idea:

14.  This is another super cool idea for fund-raising:

Auction Id: JohnMark
Auction Password: Peterson

15.  Puzzle Piece Fund-raiser!  Unique idea and what a keepsake!  Basically you have an 1,000 or 500 piece puzzle, and then have a “puzzle piece” fund-raiser for $5 or $10.00 per puzzle piece, then each puzzle piece is put together to reveal a complete puzzle in the end!  How awesome knowing each piece of the puzzle was a donation towards your adoption!  How cool!!

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