Our Family

Meet the Bell’s! Roger, Erin, and their little guys Aiden & Lucas. They have two dogs, Kloey and Brody and consider them part of the family.  Lucas and Aiden are the cutest and most loving brothers!!  Roger & Erin are both strong in their faith and belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. Anyone who is lucky enough to know the Bell family will see their love for each other, their love for the Lord, and the desire they have to add more children to their family.

Erin loves funky shoes & purses, cries at sappy movies, loves being a mom, is fluent in sign language, loves all kinds of music, cares about how other people feel, loves trying new eye shadow, doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what’s right, loves animals, gets so excited about finding good deals at garage sales, enjoys scrap-booking, and loves the Lord with all her heart, mind, and soul.

Roger loves to laugh, likes meeting new people, loves to fly, loves being a dad, likes coming up with new inventions, enjoys scary movies, The Matrix is his favorite movie of all time, he loves the Lord, doesn’t like when people judge others, loves to dance, and after a long day at work he loves coming home to his wife, sons and dogs greeting him at the door!
Aiden loves eating macaroni and cheese, orange juice, and pepperoni pizza. He loves being a brother!!  He loves playing with his friends outside, his favorite things to do are to play with his toys, go to his martial arts class, and play with the dogs. Aiden loves his church and learning about Jesus.  Aiden is most happy when he is waking up in the morning to his mommy making pancakes and bacon!
Lucas is our Ugandan sweetie pie, who came to our family by the blessing of adoption.  He is a sweet and happy boy who you’ll always catch smiling!  He adores his big brother and is always wanting to do what Aiden is doing!  He loves cars, bouncy balls, and books the most.  Lucas is learning so much everyday!!

Of course we can’t forget Kloey (the beagle) and Brody (the yorkie)
They’re two of a kind, and quite the pair.  The best thing about them is how sweet they are with the boys!  🙂

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