“TIA”…a saying that is often used in the Africa adoption community!

“This is Africa”

Which means, simply, you wait on Africa.  Africa tells you when, where, and what to do.  Africa’s take on the concept of time is completely different than ours in America, so when you show up to court and the judge decided to take the day off, and when you’re informed that day that he will be taking a break for a month or so, come back then, the term…well…TIA…is pretty adequate.  Which was all exactly what just happened to us.  At least we were the few “lucky” ones who found out ahead of time and had time to make new arrangements, and re-schedule everything.

As I stated in our previous post we had court scheduled Oct.25th, we were set to leave the U.S.  11 days from now, and last Wednesday we were informed that our judge is taking a much needed break and won’t be hearing our case until Nov.29th.  Disappointed?  Yes!  But is it going to work out, Yes!  Will we be touching our precious little boy’s face in a little over a month from now? Yes!  So, TIA…This is Africa…so we wait…another looooong month.  Sigh…

Breathe in, Breathe out.

“All good things come to those who wait”……..right?


Erin & Roger

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