Switching gears…

Well…last you knew we are still waiting to hear from our agency in Kansas City about being “matched” by a birth mom, which is still the case.  We are waiting, and we are not closing that door.

On the other hand, we have been looking into other avenues of adoption.  There is one way of adoption that I had never heard of, and never knew was possible until recently.  It’s called an independent international adoption.  We met some amazing people, who have become close to our hearts that have adopted this way, and they have two beautiful little boys from Africa.  They have been helping us through this process, introducing us to people and opening up doors for us that we never knew would be possible.  It’s just amazing.

The good news beyond that this is an option and something we are pursuing, is that doing an international adoption without an agency is much much cheaper, and I mean thousands of dollars cheaper than doing an international adoption with an agency.  I’m talking about $10-20,000 cheaper!  BUT its hard to do, and not all countries accept this way of adopting, and you have to have connections to that country and know people.  You can’t just show up and knock on an orphanage door.

We are excited, and are so thankful to our new friends for all the blessings, connections, and love that they have shown us.  🙂

We’re so happy!!

We’ll keep you updated!

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