International Adoption

For this post and the next two blog posts I will give my own version on what each type of adoption is.  Hope it helps!

International Adoption was the first thing we originally wanted to do when we decided to adopt. There are reasons an international adoption is more appealing than doing a domestic adoption, and one of the biggest reasons being that once you adopt a baby internationally, that baby is yours, no if-ands-or-buts!  The other big reason that attracts more people to international adoption vs. domestic is that there is a guarantee that you will get a child.  With domestic adoption, the birth parent could always change their mind, even up to (in some cases) six months later.  Worst case, like a friend of mine had gone through, three years later!  It’s very scary, but certainly not the norm.  More likely than not with domestic adoption the child is yours once placed in your home.  Although you’re guaranteed a child doing an international adoption, and there is no way the child will be taken away once adopted, international adoption is by far the most expensive way to adopt.  We’re talking an upwards of $45-$60,000 depending on the adoption.  It really ranges though because it all depends on the agency, which country you adopt from, if you’re willing to get a special needs child, and so on, so the common ranges for international adoption are anywhere from $12,000-$60,000.  So it varies.  We would love to adopt a little girl from China and we’re looking at around $30,000-$45,000 to adopt from there, so it really all depends.  When you’re looking at this kind of money, for us anyway, there is no way we can come up with that on our own, so refer to my “resources” page for fund-raising ideas, grants you can apply for, and furthermore just getting information on which adoption is right for you by doing as much research as you can!

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