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Hi there!  Alrighty…phew!…Home Study is DONE!!  We’ve been anticipating the home study for quite some time and now it is come & gone!  Wow!

Well, where to begin…first off, I can say we had a wonderful, sweet gal do our home study so that in and of itself made the whole process so much easier and better than we thought it would be!  I think it really all depends on who you get to do your home study, but we lucked out because she was great!!  We were more than happy with how it all went.

For those of you wondering how the home study went, or possibly getting ready to do your own home study for adoption, I’ll go into detail for ya!  Hopefully this helps ease your mind about the home study process, because it really isn’t as bad as you’re probably thinking!  🙂

Basically she came in, right on time, and we all sat down in the living room and she began asking us series of questions, a lot of them.  She had a computer and typed notes as we answered.  This was the main bulk of the home study, just answering questions.  A lot of the questions were questions we had already filled out on our questionnaires they had sent us and we had faxed in previously, some were new questions but most of them were the same kinds of questions from the forms we filled out.  They are detailed questions about your childhood, teenage years, adult hood, marriage, family, parenting & infertility (if applicable), finances, pets in the home, diversity/culture, talking about what kind of adoption & child you are wanting, and etc.  It is very detailed and might be emotional for some to re-hash your past, but necessary and part of the home study process.

She interviewed Roger and I together, interviewed us separately, then asked Aiden a few simple questions; Again, it wasn’t bad and she was very sweet with all of us.  Then she took a quick tour of the house, nothing detailed, no “lifting up toilet lids or looking through cabinets!!”  Thank goodness!!  I think it really all depends on the person you have to do your home study, but I’m sure that ours is quite the norm.  She was great, and it wasn’t bad at all!!  Overall the whole process was much less scary than we had been prepared for, and it was a total of right about 4 hours long-which we expected.

My advice for preparation for a home study:  clean your home of course, be prepared for 3-4 hours of time to visit, turn phones off, be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your past, know how many smoke detectors/fire extinguishers/carbon monoxide detectors you have in your home, know the square footage of your home.  If it is around lunch time that the home study is taking place provide a lunch for all of you, you can eat at the same time you answer questions, just something simple, we ordered a small pinwheel tray from Walmart, had chips, and I made a pasta salad and lemonade.  If you have children, have things for them to do, or a special movie for them to watch so they can keep quiet while you visit.  Other than that, be yourselves, be honest, and try your best to relax.  It’s really no big deal!  Before you know it, it will be over and you’ll be waiting on the approval!  I’m sure I’m forgetting or leaving out some other important details, but that’s about all I can think of for now, pretty much covers everything though.

So now, the next step is waiting on the approval.  For home study our wonderful gal said she’d have a draft of the home study for us to go over within 2 weeks, which is fast!  Then we’ll submit the draft with corrections if need be, and then wait on the approval after that.  It could be quite a few weeks possibly a few months before we find out if we are approved.  I believe it will go through a few different channels to get approval, states of where we live and where we’re adopting from, as well as the government, and our adoption agency.  I’m hoping this process maybe a month or sooner, but I may be being too optimistic.  We’ll see!  🙂

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  1. Kara says:

    Thanks for posting this! Especially since we are working with Kristen too it was nice to have an insiders point of view. How old is she btw?

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