Who’s got mail?

So today we mailed out our financial support letters!  Ahh!!  We’re excited about announcing our adoption journey to those who haven’t yet heard our news!  Aiden was very excited about mailing out the letters to everyone!

Hopefully those of you who got our letter enjoyed reading it and feel led to help us financially get to our goal so we can adopt!  Without all the love and support of our family and friends, and even complete strangers who have been such a blessing, this adoption wouldn’t be happening, so thank you, THANK YOU so much for taking time to read about our family and the journey we are on, and loving us, praying for us, and if you can, donate to our adoption fund.  Thank you for your love.  🙂

ps.  I forgot to mention in the financial support letter to please make checks out to Roger or Erin.

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