Piece of the Puzzle

Wanna be a piece of the puzzle?!

We have a new fundraiser!!!  It’s a puzzle piece fundraiser!
We have purchased a 99 piece puzzle and we hope to have 99 people “sponsor” each piece of the puzzle which helps in raising money for our adoption fund to bring our baby home, and making it a keepsake for our future baby Bell showing how loved they were before they were even here and how each person was a special piece of their puzzle.

If you chose to be one of the 99 people sponsoring a puzzle piece, I will write your name on the back of your sponsored puzzle piece and once all the pieces of the puzzle are sponsored, we’ll put it together, glue it, frame it and hang it in his/her room.  We think this would be a wonderful & memorable way to fund-raise and hope we can get 99 people to sponsor each piece of the puzzle.  🙂  We hope to get at least $15 per puzzle piece, but you can sponsor a puzzle piece in any amount you chose.
Will you be one of the first to sponsor a puzzle piece with a donation of any amount?!  🙂

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