Guys & Food=AWESOME fundraiser!

So…if you are able to find a group of men who are in need of a meal and charge them a few bucks, you can make some gooooood profit!!  Not only are you making money for your fundraiser but you are feeding these hungry guys who are glad we were there!  Some of them haven’t had a home cooked meal in months!  We are using every resource we can being in the Air Force!  That means there is never a shortage of hard working, hungry guys in need of a home cooked meal or desserts!!  I must say that many of these Air Force guys have been beyond amazing in donating more than what we were asking for, so their kindness has taken us far beyond what we dreamed possible from these fundraisers!

My amazing friends here on base, also fellow Air Force wives once again helped me make some delicious food for the guys in my husbands building!  Those pilots can sure eat!!  We have had two more food fundraisers since our chili fundraiser went so well!  We did a lasagna fundraiser and then the most recent, a bake sale!  We are well on our way with getting to our goal financially, because with these 3 food fundraisers, Aidens Hope has raised $980!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it!?!  Without these ladies, either helping me sell, or who helped cook or bake, none of this would have been possible!!

Thanks to all of the wonderful sweet ladies who have been helping me make these fundraisers a possibility!!!

Ruth 1:8
… May the Lord reward you for your kindness …

Here are a few pictures from our fundraisers:

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4 Responses to Guys & Food=AWESOME fundraiser!

  1. Aimee Fisher says:

    What a blessing E! Things are really moving along for you guys, I’m so excited for you 🙂 Praying everyday for your sweet family!

  2. Brittani Metzger says:

    hey! i need some graphics! you have to update the current fund bar chart! i got my shirt in the mail yesterday. can’t wait to show it off this week. i’m so encouraged by the blessings in your life and am honored to be part of this journey with you. : )

    • Erin says:

      Aw, Brittani!! You make me smile!! Thanks for ordering one and I’m so glad you like it!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see it! Ours are on their way!! I am working on that updated graph!!!! Love ya!

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