Chili Fundraiser

…was awesome!!  It was a fabulous idea for a fundraiser!  It was low-key, no “asking” for donations, just telling everyone it went to a good cause and when asked I provided details.  It was nice to be providing a nice, warm, home-cooked meal to a load of guys who needed some food for dinner and charging a small price of $3.00 for a big bowl of chili w/ all the fixin’s and home-made cornbread!  A pretty good deal on both ends!!

I couldn’t have done it without a wonderful group of ladies who all made crock-pots of chili and cornbread and generously donated it for our fundraiser tonight!  A few of those ladies were free to help me serve the guys, and it worked out great!  Aiden’s Hope made $160!!  All another step closer to bringing Baby Bell home!

To add to an already good night, I just have to tell you a little story about how good God is!  So as I’m on my way to bring the crock-pots of chili and pan after pan of cornbread, we get a phone call to find out that half of the group we were expecting to be there to sell chili to had a sudden change of plans and would be gone!  Oh no!  I was so disappointed, we had all of this chili and now only HALF of the people were going to be there!  Bummed is all I can say.  But, I knew that we would just do what we could and it would work out.  So as you can see, we sure made a lot of money for the fund, and it went great!  Then!, we get home, exhausted, and we find that there has been a donation to Aiden’s Hope online.  You know who you are, and that was just absolutely amazing!  God is just so so good.  We are so so blessed.  I cried.  In all of my “what are you doing here God?!” on the way to the chili sale after finding out that half the group would be gone, there He is.  Always faithful.  Always there.  Always just wanting us to trust Him.  He always has a plan.  He always comes through.  It may not be the way we planned, but He will always come through.  He’s always there.  🙂

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  1. Ben Whitecotton says:

    AMEN! God is good all the time. I know how you feel when things aren’t going the way you want but in the end it works out the way God intended for a reason.

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