We wait…

Waiting is so hard…we are impatiently waiting to go get our little boy in Uganda.  We are leaving on Thanksgiving Day, also my birthday, to go get him-what a birthday present!  And oh do we have much to be thankful for, although this Thanksgiving is bittersweet.  With the recent loss of my mom, and this being the first Thanksgiving without her, it is incredibly sad, and difficult-with a sweet spot of pure JOY and love from the Lord and the ironic timing of when we are leaving to get our new little one is just pure sweetness.  God is funny that way sometimes.  Joy in pure tragedy when you expect it the least.  It’s an odd combo of emotions.

We got a few recent pictures of Lucas from our lawyer.  We are grateful for them.  My heart was pounding with excitement and nervousness as I clicked the mouse to open the attachment unsure of what I would see or what condition he would be in.  Just by the picture alone, you can see so much.  Malnourishment was obvious, other health issues are sure to be there, and if you look deeper…into those eyes, oh those eyes…you see a broken spirit.  I see sadness beyond anything I’ve ever felt.  A glazed look of hopelessness.  It broke our hearts.  We cried.  Our little boy.  We are coming.  Soon.

With the help of some dear friends, a social worker, and our lawyer in Uganda, we made the decision to pull him out of the orphanage he is in and put him with a foster family (the family of our friends in Uganda) until we can get there, in a little over a month.  By some of your donations, we are able to financially do this!!  That way he can get medical care asap and start getting the nourishment and food he needs.  Getting him healthy will be a long process, as I’m told its a marathon, not a sprint.  For the first time, he will see life outside of an orphanage.  I am so excited for him, I wish I could be there to experience this with him, but I can’t just yet, and as a mother and father, his well being comes first and that’s getting him the care he needs asap-whether we are there yet or not. He will be scared.  He will not know anything outside of orphan life, so please pray for him, and this foster family as they make a hard transition in taking him into their home temporarily and getting him medical treatment.  None of this will be easy or “joyful”.

For now, we wait…anxiously each day.  42 days.  42 days until we get on that plane to take us to see him, touch his face, give him a hug, tell him he has a mom and dad, a brother, a FAMILY-all in America waiting to love him.


Erin & Roger

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  1. Beth Little says:

    I cannot wait to meet my new little cousin 🙂 He is going to be an amazing and perfect addition to our family and we are so blessed that God placed him with the 3 of you!
    Can’t wait to meet him and see you all!
    Love You!

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