Foster Adoption

There is one option that is little to no cost in adopting, and that is through the foster care adoption program.  These are kids that are currently in the foster care system,their parental rights have already been terminated either by their own determination or by the state.  Most of the time these children are not infants, but older than 4 years of age.  The great news about adopting through foster care is that these kids will be covered by health insurance through the state until they are 18 years old, the adopted parents will get a monthly “adoption subsidy” which is often a few hundred dollars a month per child, and get the $10,000+ adoption tax refund.  These are kids who are needing a home, but may have emotional and/or behavioral problems because of all the different living situations/environments they have been in.  If you’re willing to work through this with the child and don’t mind an older child, then foster adoption is a great way to adopt!

We would love to do foster adoption, but because of being active duty military that is not an option for us until we are in a more stable location which will be quite a few years, so for now, domestic and international adoptions are our option. With what research I’ve done with foster adoption is that you have to complete anywhere from 10-18 hours of foster parent training and become certified foster parents before you can adopt. This doesn’t mean you have to take on foster children, but this is just to get the certification of being foster parents before being allowed to adopt within the system. The training is free, but both you and your spouse have to be there and complete the training together. Once you’re certified foster parents, it means you can begin the adoption process with the child or children you want to adopt that are in the system. The thing with foster care is that there are hardly any infants that are available to adopt in the foster care system (meaning the biological parents have yet to relinquish their parental rights) but there are mostly older children, most 4 years and older because sometimes it takes that long for the parental rights to be relinquished. Foster adoption is an option for us, and one we will pursue when we’re in a stable location and able to complete the necessary training and requirements for staying in the same location for the months following the adoption. We will definitely have more than one adoption, and this is one avenue of adoption we know we want to pursue.

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