For Birth parents

First off, let us start by telling you how brave we think you are for even considering adoption! Adoption is a very selfless thing to do. The fact that you have decided to give your baby life and the best life possible is already showing an extreme maternal instinct of love for that baby!

We cannot even begin to comprehend the feelings you are experiencing, the emotions you have regarding your decision on what to do, and how tough it will be for you to even think about following through with the adoption. All we can do is tell you that we will love that baby with everything we have and ask you to join us in doing that! We would love to have an open adoption and a relationship with you throughout the life of that child! An open adoption in our eyes is defined by us and you in what we would like to see happen after placement. We have so much love to give, even to you!

God is good, and has a plan for you and the baby, even when the situation seems so bad. In Jeremiah 29:11 God tells us “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” That verse is true for us, for you, and for that baby growing inside you. We are so glad you chose life for this baby, and we know that God has good plans for you!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our website, and learn about our family! Feel free to contact us on our “contact us” page, or just leave a comment.  🙂

Some Quotes:

“A Birthmother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart” -Skye Hardwick

“We should not be asking who this child belongs to, but who belongs to
this child.” – Jim Gritter

“He is mine in a way that he will never be hers, yet he is hers in a way that he will never be mine, and so together, we are motherhood.”  -Desha Wood

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