Meeting Aiden

While we were in Uganda, Aiden was staying in Kansas with his Papa and great-grandparents until we arrived home with Lucas.  When we had a good enough internet connection while we were in Uganda we were able to skype with Aiden as much as we possibly could, so Lucas and Aiden were able to see each other on the computer, which was so neat!  While we were in Uganda with Lucas we showed him pictures and video we had taken of Aiden so he could begin learning who his brother was.  Lucas loved Aiden from the start and said his name for the first time while we were in Uganda.  Every time we would skype, Aiden would wave and smile so big, so proud to be a brother half way across the world, and Lucas would point and excitedly yell “ahden ahden!!!”  (his way of saying Aiden).  Roger and I could already tell that they would be wonderful brothers together and that God had certainly not missed a thing when perfectly pairing these two little boys together.  We are blessed.

After a few days of arriving home (where I left off from the previous blog post), we took some time to get settled and introduce Lucas to his new home, just us.  It was a nice time for the three of us.  Plus, I got caught up on sleep and tried to recover from jetlag as much as I could before Aiden came home.  Although I was BEYOND anxious to see Aiden, the last thing I wanted to be when he came back home was exhausted, I wanted to give him all of my complete undivided alert attention-as he would need after weeks of being apart for the first time.  I was glad I had the time to sleep, and bond with Lucas at home, and spend that one on one time Lucas needed to be reassured he is ok in his new home before adding the other boy to the mix.  It was a really nice transition to being home.  But finally, and sooo happily the day came a few days later that Aiden and my dad were flying in from Kansas and we were SO EXCITED!!!!  We drove to the airport and Roger and I developed a plan….”you video tape, I’ll take pictures!  Then I’ll go find Aiden and dad, and you and Lucas stay behind a pillar and start video taping as I bring Aiden around the corner!”  lol, well things don’t work out the way you think sometimes…just like when we met Lucas for the first time!  (check out travel day 2 of our blog)  So we arrive, Roger and Lucas stand behind this wall pillar thing, and I search the baggage claim area for Aiden and dad, and…THERE they are!!!!!  AHH!!!!  I was SOOO EXCITED to see Aiden!!  I snuck up behind him and surprised him!!  Dad was laughing.  I hugged Aiden so tight and I gave him probably a million kisses and the world just seemed whole again…I was with my Aiden again!!  🙂  Bliss!  Oh I was so happy to see some of my favorite guys…Aiden and my dad.  I helped them get the rest of their bags from the carousal, and anxiously walked them to where his new brother was waiting to meet him!

Roger had the video tape in hand, ready to film as soon as he saw us, and then Aiden and Lucas saw each other for the very first time!  Incredible!!  It was overwhelming for Lucas but it was the first time Lucas had smiled so big!!!!  Lucas was a little scared, and overwhelmed because Aiden wanted to hug him (of course!!) and he wasn’t ready for that.  Lucas still smiled, but moved away.  Aiden was a little disappointed, but understood.  He was still so happy to meet his brother! Then, a sweet older man came over and offered the kids both a candy cane (being a few days away from Christmas) and it just added a little extra sweetness to the moment.  🙂

I was trying to take pictures (as we had planned) but I couldn’t focus on the camera, I tried, but seeing their sweet faces examine each other and begin playing “ring around the mommy”, and hearing their sweet giggles, it melted my heart!

Here is the video:

Aiden and Lucas meet for the first time

Roger also managed to get the first picture of me with BOTH of my boys!!  🙂 Lucas still wasn’t sure what the camera is all about!

It was absolutely amazing having our two sons together, and all FOUR of us together as a family.  Having TWO kids in the backseat of the car was INCREDIBLE!!  I can’t even tell you how blissfully perfect that feeling was of having our whole family together…finally!

Lucas surprised all of us with how quickly he bonded with Aiden and his Papa!  For the first time Lucas had a grandpa to love him, extended family who cared about him, and it was incredible to see how loved he felt.  He wouldn’t stop smiling!!

That was a big night, a great one, and to be re-united as a family was just one of the best days of our lives.

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