First family picture

Haha…oh the first family picture experience.  We knew it wouldn’t be our best, and we weren’t sure how it would go, because Lucas was still scared of everything.  We had been home from Uganda about 3-4 weeks, so we decided to go to the Picture People, and just get a few pictures, nothing much.  As we had suspected, it didn’t go so great.  Lucas was scared, he didn’t know what was going on, who this guy was holding this big black box that shines a snap of light in your eyes….and he would NOT smile for nothin!  Poor Lucas.  We tried our best to show him, reassure him, and make it fun!  Nope…NOT having it.  He didn’t cry or get upset, but we knew he was scared and overwhelmed, so we already had got a couple pictures taken, and we left.  LOL.  It was probably too early to attempt to try to get family pictures, but were excited to have a family picture of the FOUR of us wanting to show off our new family!!  We’ll try it again sometime later when Lucas isn’t so overwhelmed with everything.  He was actually doing very well, completely comfortable in our home, *trying* to get comfortable with the dogs, and learning that we are his mommy and daddy, and Aiden was all his family.  He was really doing well, just outside of the home is when it became overwhelming for him.  It will come in time.  Patience and understanding to what he is going through is key to this process.  🙂  Anyway, so here are our lovely pictures from that day (which I’m still proud of and LOVE-smiles or no smiles):

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