First Christmas

Lucas and I got home a few days before Christmas to join Aiden and Roger, thankfully.  God’s timing was absolutely perfect!  We knew there was a good possibility of us not making it home in time for Christmas, but we prepared for Christmas together anyhow before we left for Uganda…just in case.  We also had presents under the tree for Lucas before we left for Uganda, that was the first time it really felt real, that this was actually happening, that he would really be home soon!

We didn’t decorate as much as we would have liked because the Christmas tree alone would be overwhelming enough for Lucas, so we really scaled back on decorations and presents this year.  It wasn’t about that stuff anyhow.  It was about Jesus, and celebrating the birth of our Savior, about being together as a family of FOUR finally, it was about L.O.V.E.  Amazing love.

We were home, together, and feeling closer to the Lord than ever.  We woke up that Christmas morning and opened a few presents together, they were the first gifts Lucas had ever received.  He first watched Aiden open a gift, and watched Aiden became excited, and then Lucas quickly got it…you tear open this paper stuff covering the toy, and then there is something cool in there to see and we get excited about it!

What he didn’t understand was that the toy was for him.  He opened the gift, got so excited, and then put in on the ground next to him, he was just staring at it.  We had to teach him that it was his to play with, he got to keep it, no one was going to take it away, we had to teach him what toys were.  Besides the few little toys I brought for him to Uganda, he didn’t really know that there were toys beyond hot wheel cars, books, and a few other things we brought for him.  He learned all about toys very quickly that morning!  lol  Within a matter of 30 min. he was totally like any other American kid on Christmas, open one, cool…move on…next one?!  Play Play Play!!  It was the first toys that were “his” and we’re still trying to teach him how to share!  haha.  Not happening.  Not right now anyway.  lol.   We loved seeing the joy on his face, and Aiden’s.  We also felt so loved because some of our sweet family thought of not only us, but Lucas too for Christmas, and mailed all of us presents.  We were thankful for such sweet and thoughtful gifts, and the love from them.  The whole morning was just such a joy and new experience for all of us.  Incredible.

I love this picture of the boys as they're pointing to Uganda on the new globe the boys just got!

It was a great day, we took our very first picture as a family later that night, although not a wonderful picture, it was our very first picture as a family of four.  We are so blessed.

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