Thanks for hitting the Donate button!! The cost of adoption is literally thousands of dollars, and that is overwhelming for us. It is not very realistic for us to be able to save or take out a loan for the full amount of the adoption costs, so fund-raising, asking friends and family for financial support, and applying for grants are the only ways we’re going to be able to adopt. Your financial support, no matter the amount, will help us be just one step closer to fulfilling Aiden’s Hope!

Even after the “adoption” has happened, and you return home with your newly adopted child, adoption costs still occur.  There are finalization costs, post placement visits which cost hundreds-every year till the child is 18 years old, and loans for what didn’t get raised to pay as well as other expenses.  If you feel lead to donate, your money will continue to get put to good use through our adoption fund.

Thank you so much for even considering to donate to our Adoption Fund!!! We have prayed for your donation, for your willingness to financially support us and we are so blessed that you have answered that prayer! Without your financial support, this adoption cannot happen. Thank you so so much!!

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