About the Hope

As excited as we are to add to our family through the miracle of adoption, it is our son Aiden who is equally just as excited and hopeful in becoming a big brother as well!

Aiden’s hope began when he lost his baby sister, our daughter.  He was so excited to be a big brother.  When he realized that his baby sister is in heaven, he said that he was sad, but knew that he would be a big brother again someday, and that God has picked out the perfect brother or sister for him.  Excitedly, we announce that Lucas joined our family through the miracle of adoption from Uganda, Africa in December of 2011.  Check out our blog to follow the journey of our adoption of Lucas!!  Aiden always had hope in becoming a BIG BROTHER!!  “Aiden’s Hope” has been full-filled in the addition of Lucas coming into our family and we are so blessed!!  Although I have a sneaking suspicion that our family will one day be adopting again!

Roger and I’s hope in adoption began long before Aiden’s hope began! When Roger and I were dating back in 2004, we had discussed that we both desired to adopt one day! After getting married, being parents to Aiden, and knowing that we would adopt one day, we always knew adoption would be a way we wanted to expand our family, not just by having our own biological children.  Never did we think adoption would end up being our only option to expand our family!  God planted the seed of adoption in our lives years before, so adoption was never “Plan B” for us, it was always something we knew in our hearts we wanted to do!

Before we were parents, we wondered how it would be possible to love an adopted child the same as a biological child.  We can tell you now, after being parents to Aiden, and the desire to be parents to more children, and the addition of Lucas to our family, we know without any doubt in our minds that we love our adopted child that came into our family the exact same as our biological child.  There is no doubt in our minds or hearts that love you have for your child is the same regardless of how they came to your family.  They are our children.

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