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Home Study

Hi there!  Alrighty…phew!…Home Study is DONE!!  We’ve been anticipating the home study for quite some time and now it is come & gone!  Wow! Well, where to begin…first off, I can say we had a wonderful, sweet gal do our … Continue reading »

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Moving fast!

That was the theme of our weekend!! …BECAUSE we got a phone call Friday from our Adoption Agency and they asked us when we could get the rest of our paperwork and home study done!  She said reason why she … Continue reading »

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So where are we in the adoption process?

This is the big question I get right now, so let me inform you!  With a lot of discussion, research, prayer, healing from the loss of our 4 babies, taking careful time & consideration and getting informed on each type … Continue reading »

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International Adoption

For this post and the next two blog posts I will give my own version on what each type of adoption is.  Hope it helps! International Adoption was the first thing we originally wanted to do when we decided to … Continue reading »

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Foster Adoption

There is one option that is little to no cost in adopting, and that is through the foster care adoption program.  These are kids that are currently in the foster care system,their parental rights have already been terminated either by … Continue reading »

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Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption is an adoption in the United States of, in most cases, an infant.  There are three different kinds of Domestic Adoption; Open, Semi-Open or Closed.  You can also do this privately (with just an adoption attorney if you … Continue reading »

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